Emenities inc.

Addressing a growing need in the hospitality industry, Emenities' founders established a vision and a methodology for providing online amenities. As Hotels and residential properties attempt to answer guests' and tenants' requirements for having services such as broadband access to the internet, availability of a Wi-Fi network at the property, print service, Wi-Fi phones, etc., Emenities is there to answer these needs; professionally, painlessly, and without hardly any cost to the property.

Unlike companies who provide broadband access lines, or even internet access, Emenities is set to provide actual online amenities. These may include broadband access to the internet, though the company's focus is much more organic. Emenities builds an advanced cutting-edge infrastructure at the property, and then uses it to serve a host of services for both the guests/tenants and the hoteliers/property managers. Furthermore, Emenities makes it easy for properties to get into the broadband arena, by forming a partnership where the property's investment in the system is minimal, if any. Finally, Emenities manages the system from A to Z in a way that places no additional burden on the property.

Emenities have creative solutions also for Hoteliers with existing broadband access systems. Such hoteliers may be looking at either upgrading their systems, for example - from a wired system to wireless Wi-Fi, or are looking for an established reliable partner to take over the system, including sharing costs, and manage it for them.

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Emenities inc.
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