B4Failure Version 4.91

Released January 9th - 2008

This major release, fixes all known errors and issues in the version 4.x series of B4Failure, and steps up the notification options.

  • NEW! Notification Groups:  Recipients are now created with a time window, and grouped. This gives you a unique option to send notification to various recipients, based on time of day (and day), and still use the escallation for escallating events.

  • NEW! Event formatting:  Improved event scanners in speed, and added full event formatting to return full event descriptions to recipients, removing the need to consult the eventlogs for full details.

  • Minor improvements:  

    • Complete fix of all known issues.
    • Speed improvements to GUI and Service.
    • Minor usage improvements to GUI.
Release History
» B4Failure v4.00
» B4Failure v4.01
» B4Failure v4.50
» B4Failure v4.61
» B4Failure v4.91

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