B4Failure Version 4.61

Released September 25th - 2007

Adding a new all-in-one service monitoring feature to the monitor features, replacing the service counter. This release now supports a fullblown service monitor, ensuring that all services are running as intended.

  • NEW! Services Monitor:  New monitor, which can start/stop any service on a Windows server, depending on their running state, and startup definition. The monitor controls all services with a single monitor, making it easy to survey and control any Windows service on any server!

  • NEW! Online documentation:  Documentation has been removed from the installation, and moved online. Pressing F1 on any screen, will now open your browser directly on the screen selection, giving you the needed documentation/help.

  • Main GUI:  The GUI has got a few lifts in usage.

  • Minor fixes:  Minor improvements to performance.
    Fix to emailer, which sometimes included attachments from other monitor results.

Release History
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» B4Failure v4.01
» B4Failure v4.50
» B4Failure v4.61
» B4Failure v4.91

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