B4Failure Version 4.50

Released May 21st - 2007

This major release introduce an entirely redesigned and greatly improved statistics and capacity system. The new powerfull system collect statistical data, which enables capacity planning and early action plans.

Although the report module has not been implemented yet, the data collection is a powerfull tool for monitoring statistics, usage an capacity data.

  • NEW! Statistics and capacity management:  Now collecting statistical data on usage and state for each monitor. When the data is a month old, it will be compressed down to a per-day record. Each day will hold enough essentiel data for you to calculate and plan your next steps, to prevent upcoming downtime.

  • NEW! Host monitoring hours:  Monitoring hours can now be set on the main hosts, allowing you to set your service schedule on the host, matching all underlying monitors.

  • Main GUI:  The GUI has got a few lifts in usage.

  • Minor fixes:  Some clients have had minor issues when scanning their eventlog entries, where the DLL was corrupted, which could break the eventscanning - this issues has now been solved.

  • Helperservice:  To ensure that the helperservice is started, this now starts automatically with the mainservice.

Release History
» B4Failure v4.00
» B4Failure v4.01
» B4Failure v4.50
» B4Failure v4.61
» B4Failure v4.91

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