B4Failure 4.91 Server, IP and network monitor suite released

Again B4Failure boost your infrastructure surveillance, by giving you a new and stable release - adding new unique features.

September 9th, 2008 - the small danish development team behind B4Failure, has added new features to this powerful infrastructure monitoring suite.

The team has focused on correcting all known minor and major bugs. Futhermore, the focus has been set on notifications, where recipients now can be grouped and recieve notifications, depending on the day and time of the event, adding new layer to the escallation. The eventlog scanners has been improved with speed, and now returns a full formatted event description, when emailing event result to the recipients.

B4Failure is the result of a development project, which was started by The Silents Denmark under the name Serverwatch, late 2003. Over the past years the project grew, from an application that could survey some of the most important items in your infrastructure, to a complete suite covering all aspects of your servers and network.

Driven by devoted clients, and their requests, the team behind B4Failure strives to make the suite more complete with every release, which has resulted in what B4Failure has become today. The progress and new features of B4Failure is constantly driven forward, by requests from systems administrators all around the world, making it one of the most specialized survey suites available.

Today B4Failure is one of the leading products, as it contains all aspects needed to monitor a complex infrastructure.

Download the latest version and see why system administrators all around the world have chosen this product.

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