B4Failure 4.50 Server, IP and network monitor suite released

Again B4Failure raises the bar in infrastructure surveillance and again adds new and powerful features to the suite. This time the upgraded engine collects statistical and capacity data, ensuring you the best chance for making the promised 99.9% uptime.

May 21st, 2007 - B4Failure users can increase their surveillance, by adding statistical and capacity data collectors to their survey, by downloading the latest release.

Monitoring a complete Infrastructure, without receiving useless information and having to sort hundreds of emails, has been a problem for systems administrators and engineers around the world, until now!

B4Failure is the result of a development project, which was started by The Silents Denmark under the name Serverwatch, late 2003. Over the past years the project grew, from an application that could survey some of the most important items in your infrastructure, to a complete suite covering all aspects of your servers and network.

Driven by devoted clients, and their requests, the team behind B4Failure strives to make the suite more complete with every release, which has resulted in what B4Failure has become today. The progress and new features of B4Failure is constantly driven forward, by requests from systems administrators all around the world, making it one of the most specialized survey suites available.

Today B4Failure is one of the leading products, as it contains all aspects needed to monitor a complex infrastructure. B4Failure v4.50 introduces an entirely new data collection engine, which over time can be used for capacity planning and infrastructure design, as it collects the trends from your infrastructure.

Download the latest version and see why system administrators all around the world have chosen this product.

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