Capacity & statistical data

Every monitor collects usage and state data, which can be used for capacity planning, Service Level Agrements and early warnings.

When crosing to the following day, the data is compressed holding only the most essential data. Detailed data older than 35 days well automaticly be removed (after compression). This enables B4Failure to hold a large amount og statistical data, without beeing affected by a vast amount of data.

Entries will be compressed to a single day, holding the following values in two categories. An operational window and a 24 hours window. This is to separate operations statistics from the full survey window.

Compressed data are:

  • Lowest value
  • Average value
  • Highest value
  • Percentage succes
  • Percentage failed
  • Percentage down

Detailed monitor on diskusage
Compressed monitor statistics
Compressed monitor values