The complete infrastructure monitoring suite

B4Failure IP, Network & Server Monitoring software is a centralizied Windows based server & network suite, designed to monitor every aspect of your infratructure.

Inspired and influenced by it's dedicated users all around the world, B4Failure has become the most comprehensive Network & Server monitor system ever, constant monitoring your infrastructure, providing alerts, notifications and even escalates them, when a failure has ocured, threshhold exceeded or an event has been detected. Constantly one step ahead, you are made aware of issues in time, reducing downtime and dataloss on your servers and infrastrucure.

Designed for small, aswell as large scalled companies, all monitors are grouped in sites and locations, making it easy locating where the monitors are, and controlling user (Systems Administrators) access to them.

B4Failure does not rely directly on any external services, such as remote agents and database servers. This, and the build in safety features, ensure that your network and services are constantly monitored.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows (NT), XP, 2000, 2003
Services needed: Windows Messenger Service
  Microsoft Internet Information Server
Video: 800x600, >1024x768 recommended
Memory: 40Mb, >50Mb recommended
Hard drive: 50Mb, >100Mb recommended

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Rating 5 of 5 - Excelent from 5cup

Rating 5 of 5 - Excelent

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