Email Notification

Email Notification

Email notifications are triggered when a monitor fails og succeeds. This happends, when the monitor has failed the number of times assigned to the monitor or when the monitor returns succesfully.

To secure emails are not lost, a primary and backup relay is used and all notifications are stored/qued locally until they are flagged delivered.

The notification can be escallated using three levels. Notifications are then qued with a given delay, so when the first level hasn't taken action within a given time, the next level will be informed and so forth. As an addition to the escallation, each recipient is created with a time schedule (active time window), giving you a unique option to escalate, and notify different recipients on specific time of day (with an accuracy of one hour).

Each notification can be fully customized using a template, given you the ability to include practially any information you need to the recipients. Furthermore this is usefull, when sending text messages to a cellphone, as they usually can not recieve long and detailed messages.

Last and most important, is the ability to include monitor detailed results. This could be a trace route to a host or a part of a Windows Eventlog. This gives the receivers the ability to consider what action is to be taken, before connecting to the system.

Notification triggers are:

  • Monitor fails.
  • Monitor succes.
  • Monitor service has been restarted.

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